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Learning can be fun

We combine a number of teaching methods. We want you to feel comfortable and motivated during your lessons. A pleasant environment that motivates can do wonders. We are happy to support you.

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We will give you everything you need : materials (we will create them for you or your children), always positive mood, motivation, monitoring, planning, evaluation and honest feedback.

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We are proud of our students and they are proud of us. We did it together. 

I am a complete beginner and I have been taking Hungarian lessons since September and I still love it. At first I didn't really believe that I could learn anything, because Hungarian is very difficult and I told myself that I will try it. Today I'm creating quite interesting sentences and I'm able to ask anything in the store ... it's a huge step forward for me. Daniel is a very creative teacher and one has no idea how, but in a playful and interesting way he puts you into the world of Hungarian words. I don't like grammar very much, but he also managed it with me , as he is going through both grammar and conversation creatively during the lesson, with a very pleasant friendly atmosphere. The Academy also provides online classes that are also great. Daniel's approach is truly unique, as I have not been ashamed to speak Hungarian words from the beginning, even though I did not know anything . Very quickly we started making sentences and talking to each other. This was very important for me.
Martina H.
Daniel knows how to motivate students to learn. The structure of the lesson corresponds to it. He uses progressive methods and forms of teaching, creates conditions for active and independent work of students during the lesson. He creates a positive working climate in the class, uses the independent work of students in teaching, He uses experiential, cooperative learning. Under his leadership, Hungarian (as an absolute beginner) is learnable for me, he has natural respect and authority, and can adapt to the needs of the group. If you want to learn to communicate in Hungarian, I recommend Daniel.
Anastázia B.
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