Hlavné zameranie : Anglický Jazyk  – Native Speaker


Hello every one I hope this finds you well my name is William Yates some people call me Willie some call me Willie but William or Willie is the one I anwser to I am from a small town about a hour north of some of the worlds most beautiful beach they say sugar white sand and tourist by the thousand I am a wood worker s carpenter by trade my friend Daniel her I meet on a mutual rock bands page that we have love for long story short it’s Ben almost 2 3 years I would have to say I hope I can help to the best of my ablitys and knowledge I come from a small town it use to be Rick in history and culture way before my time we always swim in a lil creek when I was a boy I bet I walked down to the creek millions of miles I love growing up there as we was close to the rivers and creeks always something to do now that I’ma father of 4 wife of 20 years and our friend in common has me setting up a est to help people and I really hope that I am do well thank you and God bless
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